Stresses on Modern Marriage

One could argue that there has never existed a time where there was more expectations and strains on a marriage as there are now in the U.S.  We live in a mobile society, often moving from one place to the other, being pulled away from the security of community and family relationships.  We live isolated lives, with often few if any deep and long lasting relationships.  We live highly independent, often time crunched stressful lives.  We don’t even have time for quality relationships much less be able to invest in deep relationships.  Thus where traditionally our relational needs may have been met by a variety of friends and family members, it now often is expected to come entirely from our marriage. We not only want our spouse to be our lover, co-parent, and provider, but they are to be our playmate, our business partner, our confident, our counsel, our accountability, and both our comforter and our strong rock in times of trouble.  Who can possibly ever be all those things to another person?

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